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THE MARINE REGISTER invites registrations for listing Company Data Profiles in the 2020 digital editions. The notable increase in web traffic statistics of companion website is the motivational force for expanding the geographical scope of the USA edition. The new edition will be subtitled USA-INTERNATIONAL. Please access this link for a Special Online Offer for 2020.

MARINETRAC METRICS UPDATE– has expanded coverage with an increased show of web traffic. Marinetrac Data logs identify a growing footprint of the international audience currently at 45% USA and Canada; 43% Europe; 12% Asia and other regions. Click to register online: Listing Options.

CANADA-MARINE – Please refer to the attachment “Introducing CANADA-MARINE a pilot edition” (page 5 of the 2019 flipbook edition featured on this website). Click to access the following links: Introduction p5 and Special Online Offer for 2020.

Other options include marketing plans, primarily to promote sales in marine markets, for companies that register in our database. Harnessed by SEO programs, a product search performed by a buyer, through the “Product Categories” index within our system, will identify the names of related supplier companies, and links to their websites.

The online “Product Categories” index lists over 6,000 classifications of equipment and components used in the building of ships and other waterborne carriers. Additions to the Index will cater to the needs of the Environment and Ocean Technology sector.

The ongoing expansion of this site includes a growing presence of marine services providers, offering onboard ship repairs, and offsite subcontracting services to Shipbuilders, Commercial Fleets, Vessel Owners and Operators.

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