The Marine Equipment Directory

Your Online Reference for the Marine Industry

Marine Equipment Directory with companion website offer companies access to markets that serve the marine industry. The Index to Product Categories lists over 6,000 classifications of equipment and components used in the building of ships, and other waterborne carriers; ports and offshore facilities.

MARINETRAC is a relational database referred to by buyers, procurement agencies, agents-distributors, and end users. Company details are generated on three platforms – the Online Register; Marine Equipment Directory; and a version of the Directory is available on a customized USB Drive.

Manufacturers of marine and auxiliary equipment can augment their sales promotion and marketing plans, by registering for Enhanced Listings (with a logo option and the selection of multiple product categories) OR a limited listing offer free of cost.

A two-way search environment: BUYERS are able to locate new sources of equipment and services; SELLERS can project to a target audience of Shipbuilders and Repair Facilities; Maintenance departments of Ship Owners and Fleet Operators; Agents and Distributors.

Links to navigate the MARINETRAC website:

Search for MARINE EQUIPMENT – Keyword(s) searchable by company name; by product category and by country. Click for Information Page.

Search for SHIPBUILDERS AND REPAIR FACILITIES – Online listings of facilities with links to websites.

Master List of PRODUCT CATEGORIES and related code numbers can be accessed for selection. Consult the 16-Page PDF version to view, or print out as a hard copy reference.

DIRECTORY AND BANNER ADVERTISEMENTS – Limited spaces are available for select pages on this site. Click for rates and availability.

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