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MT Strength1

Buyer Posted on March 19, 2019
IG valve actuator repaire kits

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Request for Price Quote – GVSE19-00963

Buyer Posted on March 16, 2019
#1 - Pos; no 203 Guide band - Equipment Name: Winch / Brake Release systems – QTY:6Maker's Name: PUSNES Maritime pusnes A/S VULKAN DIBO H 687. Model: HW Group:0401 – Drawing No. 291715. 10400 – Part No. 00246301900 – Ship...

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Let Us Fabricate Your Metal Bellows

Seller Posted on March 3, 2019
Hyspan was founded in 1968 with comprehensive engineering, quality and production capability to design, develop and fabricate metal bellows and hose; and assemblies and products that incorporate these components. These technical strengths have been combined with sound management skills to...

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In Need of Spare Parts Main Engine Gear Box

Buyer Posted on March 3, 2019
Name of the Equipment: Main Engine Gear Box Model: LAF4420 HL/HR Type: Single reduction, Horizontal off-set (560mm) with Hydraulically operated clutch Gear Ratio: 2.636:1 Manufacturer Address: EISENWERKE REINTJES GmbH D-31784 Hameln, Germany.

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Sturdy Alloy Chains Available

Seller Posted on February 27, 2019
Peerless Chain manufactures Grade 80 Chain used in overhead lifting applications. 80 Chain has excellent energy absorption and is manufactured using special analysis alloy steel. G80 alloy chain is rugged, versatile, high-strength, low-weight chain. Quenched and tempered before proof testing,...

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