Canada-Marine 2019

Reach out to International Marine Markets on Dual Marketing Platforms! The combined platforms of THE MARINE REGISTER digital editions including CANADA-MARINE and the MARINETRAC WEBSITE Your Sales Target Audience Annual Metrics and Demographics based on visitor logs from the Marinetrac website for the twelve-month period ending October 31, 2019. Data analysis recorded on November 1, 2019. Software source: AW-Stats. 54,732 Visitors 535,609 Viewed Pages 1,302,336 Hits 45% USA and Canada 43% Europe 12% Asia & other regions Join the web traffic flow of a marine industry audience of over fifty-four thousand visitors comprising of … Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers… Buyers and Distributors… Procurement Agencies… End Users of Equipment and Parts… Shipbuilders and Repair Facilities… Specialized Repair Shops and Onsite Maintenance. Register your Company for Interactive Listings! View online offer: Now accepting Free Listings in the 2020 Editions and online Online Registration: OR if you need assistance to register, please complete our Contact Form. We will get back to you ASAP. Click to connect: CANADA-MARINE / The Marine Register – Page 2